Sea area

Sea kind

  • Public waters: fish can be obtained in the high seas up to the rarest level
  • Private sea area: If you want to obtain epic or higher fish, you need to enter the private sea area for fishing, and you need to pay a certain fee to enter the private sea area.
  • Unknown seas: You need to take a boat to enter, and it is difficult to explore. If you encounter pirates, you may be robbed, reducing your income.

The Earth has four major fisheries

  • Japan's Hokkaido fishery is formed by the Kuril Cold Current and the Kuroshio
  • The United Kingdom's North Sea Fishery is formed by the confluence of the Warm Atlantic Current and the Cold Water of the Arctic Ocean southward
  • The Newfoundland Fishery in Canada is formed by the confluence of the Gulf of Mexico Warm Current and the Labrador Cold Current
  • Peru‘s Fishery in Peru is formed by the upwelling of the Peru Cold Current

Although the world ecology has changed, the earth's atmospheric temperature still affects the seasonal changes of the islands, and the changes in ocean currents still affect the distribution of Blue Star's fisheries; the ocean world is infinite, there are still a lot of unexplored parts waiting for you to investigate;