$MSA is the native currency of MetaSeaarea.

$MSC is the game token of MetaSeaarea

$MSA This token is used to mint equipment, speed up mobs reproduction, buy/sell on the MetaSeaarea marketplace, and more. The maximum supply is 210,000,000. Liquidity will be provided by developers and locked for 3 years.

Unlimited supply of $MSC, users can get in-game

Token Details:

Contract address: 0x606E08D33ce41a7bF06f206D7a642adf293C9797

Name: MetaSeaarea

Symbol: MSA

Decimal: 18

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 210,000,000

It has a 60 second sale cooldown to protect it from trading bots.

Token usage of MSC:

1) Equipment upgrade;

2) Equipment casting;

3) Speed up the upgrade and reduce the cooling time;

Contract address: 0x2dc90c405C3AF75DfA1b61a60220a90421239562

Token usage of MAS:

1. Participate in governance: lock MAS to obtain voting rights and participate in governance.

2. In-game consumption: Burn MAS for important level upgrades and forge rare and epic equipment.

Players obtain Tokens in the following ways:

First Release (IGO): The MetaSeaarea team may sell tokens directly to some players.

Secondary Market: You can buy and sell on the secondary market.

In-game rewards:

(1)Complete specific tasks in the game;

(2)Participate in in-game leagues;

(3)Recommend new players to join, and distribute them according to the contributions of new players. (Other reward methods will continue to be added and modified according to market demand)

Market Trading: Obtained by trading NFTs or in-game resources with other players on the market.

Swipe and repurchase

The selling fee is 3% and the buying fee is 1%. These tokens will be transferred to marketing wallets and used for development purposes such as marketing, CEX listings,bounties,buybacksandburns.