Catcher tool

ammunition unit

The ammunition in the game is presented in the form of energy, and the minimum unit is 1 point;

Different equipment will have different energy consumption per round of ammunition, see Table 1 for details;

The energy limit of each equipment is 5000 points;

When the energy is zero, the weapon cannot be fired.

How to buy ammo

Each time before entering the game, the player will be asked to replenish energy, and the player can choose to replenish energy in the equipped turret;

Ammo price: N energy = $1MOB

All MOBs consumed by replenishing ammo will enter the bonus pool

Cooldown time :

If the weapon is used for a long time, the heat needs to be cooled, and the cooling time is 3H each time.

During the cooldown period of the weapon, ammo cannot be replenished, repaired, upgraded, or enchanted.

The same equipment can only be replenished once every 3H, up to 2 times a day. After the third replenishment and use, the wear and tear will immediately become 99% unusable. It needs to be repaired before it can be equipped and used again.