Ocean fishing can catch rare fish, rich minerals and get unknown treasures.

Going offshore requires chartering boats and hiring sailors.

(1)Navigator: High-quality navigators can improve the success rate of fish discovery and reduce the rate of ship loss.

(2)Energy: Only when the energy is sufficient can you go to sea.

(3) Inventory: the loading capacity of the vessel, after exceeding the loading capacity, the goods need to be stored in the fishing ground or temporarily stored in the port

(4)Thruster: Generate thrust by consuming a certain amount of energy, driving the ship to move forward faster

(5)Port: provide temporary docking supply energy, docking. (Private island can be built)

(6)Shipyard: Ships with low durability will not be able to sail and need to enter the shipyard for maintenance

Expedition vessel



After the durability drops to the lower limit, it will not be able to continue to be used, and the thruster must be repaired to continue working